Starting an E-commerce Businesses

It’s a fact that Google controls the search engine world, regardless of what other search engines may claim. This requires most e-commerce websites to try and dance Google’s waltz, without completely comprehending the ins and outs of how Google works. Navigating Google is difficult. The majority of online e-commerce companies start out with little understanding of what they need to do.

As mentioned before in my previous blog the “build it, and they will come.” attitude is unfortunately alive and well here in the UK. You must optimise your website for any “Google Rank success” you must also be aware that any modification in Google’s algorithm can leave e-commerce companies with a sharp decrease in traffic. So first things first;

What is a Google Algorithm
The Google Algorithms are the math formulas utilised to identify which websites rank high in the searches, and which ones rank low, or are banned. Google changes the guidelines every 18 – 24 months to assist them to sweep away websites that are not correctly optimised. Google’s Brand-New algorithms have made it possible for lots of little e-commerce websites to develop their page rank, and search engine rank. Yes, it might take a few months to get your site recognised and appearing on Google, but the work will pay off.

Search Engine Optimization
In simple terms, SEO still requires coding a page so that the keywords are precise, and under a certain percentage of the content. Meta tags and titles still have value but we are trying to create suitable material, with heading titles, and a website loaded with similar stuff, with short articles linked together utilising the very same keyword anchors. For further detail on SEO techniques, please take a look at this article. But If you are looking for more immediate results, please take a look at Pay Per Click Management.

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Pay Per Click Management
Connects your site to your targeted prospective customers, so you do not need to wait for listings to improve. Something we recommend to all new ventures, even if you only invest £100 a month in the short term. Starting a targeted PPC campaign right away connects your site to its audience, so you do not need to wait to improve on Google’s ranking system.

First steps to PPC, we take a look at your Pay Per Click keyword info – is it too generic? If so, it’s usually expensive and offers little return on investment. Then we may take a different look at the keywords but utilise keyword phrases. For Example;

The keyword ‘e-commerce’, is too generic, so we may try ‘e-commerce business.’ to narrow down the set. Again, it’s a very simplistic view on keywords, but I’m sure you get the idea. If you want to find out more about PPC, please click here.

We always find out new and inventive ways to increase your audience and return on investment. Froogle is a keyword for our customers and us; we know only too well what it takes to succeed (and Fail) in the online e-commerce business (I’m going to cover this in our next blog). We will be happy to share our knowledge, just get in touch.