PPC Basics

Paid Click, take stock of your competition first!

It’s unlikely, but you may be one of the few potential Pay Per Click Advertisers out there who are faced with little to no competition. The less competing brands within your business demographic, the more potential your organisation will have to dominate the marketplace.

Unfortunately, the reverse is also true; in a crowded marketplace please consider the following PPC Basics before setting any Pay Par Click Budgets or campaigns. It’s always a good idea to establish who your competitors are and of course how active they are online before assessing your company’s strengths over the competition.

We have a top 10 to consider inour PPC basics:
• Lower Pricing
• Better landing pages for product with “call to actions”
• Free shipping
• Larger choice
• Better Customer Service
• Impressive brands or products
• Mobile ready website
• SSL certificated website
• Performance guarantee
• Convenience local retail presence.

Take stock of your own advantages and make them pay over and above your potential competition. Get input from others inside and outside your business.

Driving traffic via a Pay Per Click service is one thing, converting that traffic is where the secret lies and you must take into consideration the above before entering the fray.

Fortunately, we can do this for you at no extra charge. Within our free hourly consultation, we can provide an actionable plan for you to move forward confidently and in possession of all the facts.

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