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What is re-marketing? Have you ever been on a website and then for the next couple of weeks that website follows you around politely reminding you, that you have been on this site and there may be an incentive should you return and purchase? This is re-marketing in its simplest form.

It gives you the advantage of reaching people after they have interacted with your website. We can target who formal the following criteria, web pages, web categories or abandoned shopping, to mention a few.

In short, any online digital campaign worth its salt should be backed up by a re-marketing campaign. Why drive traffic to your website if you don’t intend to capitalise by reconnecting with the customer by displaying the product/service they viewed further downline. 49% of the customers will visit 2 – 4 more website before they purchase!

Bring Them Back

Access people most likely to buy, they have considered your website once, so a gentle reminder of the services you offer can get the customer to complete the desired option after they have departed for further consideration.

High Conversion Rate

Second attempt at a sale, whether you are a business that operates a 6-8 week buying cycle, or a company that wishes to be in the minds of your customers going forward. Remarketing is the perfect foil for re-engaging with specific products/service at an exceptionally cheaper cost than in other forms of digital marketing.


The long arm of the world wide web, a great benefit of remarketing is the people we are targeting have already interacted with your website. We can reach them by displaying the product/service they viewed on over 2 million websites and mobile apps.


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