Project Description

Pay Per Click Video Advertising

One billion users on YouTube and year over year consumers double there time on youtube! This is what makes video advertising so special, the fact that there is an instant connection between creators and fans. Video Ads are dynamic, authentic and interactive.

As an Advertiser this allows you to reach your target audience, engage with them and showcase your product or service in the right context. We can go beyond the usual and look at intent behaviours and distinguish between intent, passion or a casual interest. To truly engage consumers who matter the most in the place they are consuming content.

Reach Customers Effectively

Drive Action, 6 out of 10 prefer online video to live TV. YouTube has over one billion users which are one-third of internet users! We can reach an audience in the place they are consuming content in a multi-platform world.

Passion & Intent

Precisely Targeted, We understand what users want at the exact moment they are looking so we can showcase your message in the right context.

Decisions & Actions

Deeper Layers, the moment to connect passes in an instant, your brand needs to be sure the correct customer is seeing the right message at the most pertinent time and location. True real-time optimization.


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