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Paid Mobile Advertising or PPC Mobile Advertising

New research shows that 75% of customers prefer mobile phone friendly websites, so how well does your website work on mobile devices? No matter what PPC Mobile Advertising strategy you are considering this should be the first statement you make to yourself, mobile is here to stay and believe it or not it will dominate moving forward in 2019 and beyond.

It doesn’t matter if you are spotlighting sales on the internet or off-line sales, PPC Mobile Advertising will drive your business goals by targeting your clients while they are on the move. With features such as click to call, Location-based ads, Click to download or if you want to display your website with an easy to reach webpage or site link.

Anytime, Anywhere

24-7 targeting, mobile advertising should now be a staple of any business. With the immediate nature of today’s world, mobile allows us to target customers with personal information or with time and location sensitive product/services.

App-based Marketing

Mobile First, 70% of mobile time is spent within apps, in-game apps, social media apps, the list goes on. The constant interaction on mobile phones ensures your brand message gets across.

Mobile Strategy

Why you need one! Smart Phone internet use has finally overtaken desktop use, we are now well past the tipping point. Mobile is no longer a technology it’s a behaviour.


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