Project Description

Local PPC Advertising

It’s becoming a mission of ours to help local business especially town centre businesses who are currently feeling the pinch at the moment. Particularly in the North West of England.

We seem to be slowly losing the staple businesses that we all grew up with, you know the ones, the familiar store’s that everybody in town knows. Their brand was built some 30 years ago but are now struggling with massive rent and slowing footfall. I suppose the first question you should ask yourself is what are we doing to gain a foothold this market? The days of big-budget local campaigns are going the way of the high street, only for the major chain stores.

Fortunately, we can circumnavigate this monopoly by the way of Local Pay Per Click services. We have the ability to inspire, motivate and persuade them with inventive and targeted local ads to drive action back to your local business.

Call Extensions

Drive Calls, local businesses that are looking to drive phone calls must be using call extensions. Ads will be generated with a viable phone number for an easy, one click of a button call.

GEO Targeting

Geographic & Radius Targeting to specific locations like a town, county or region will help narrow in on the audience you desire.

Location Extensions

Drive Visits, Just like call extensions, location extension is a great way of driving people to visit your business. By simply displaying your address by the side of your ad.


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