Project Description

Pay Per Click Google Shopping

We can change “online browsing” into “online buying” with Google Shopping. We’ll ensure your product will be in front of the people looking to purchase no matter what device they are using. Google Shopping is simple and effective and can increase e-commerce conversion rates substantially over traditional media.

Whether you be a local shop offering local inventory ads or a multi-chain store Google Shopping is a must for any online e-commerce business. Online shoppers will see your product image, price and business name, should they be shopping at home or on the move.

More Traffic

Improved click-through rates, Google Shopping provides higher click-through rates compared to standard text ads. We have found that customers like the quick fix of price, image and delivery status. Allowing them to get the product in as few clicks as possible.

Quality over Quantity

But quality leads to quantity..? The quality comes from an image of the product, a price range they are comfortable with and the delivery options available. This ensures the customer has a good sense of most aspects before they click through to your website.

Local Shopping

I want it now..!Local Google shopping provides customers with instant result should they wish to collect in store or prefer to buy locally. For example, a search term of “Fendi Handbags near me” would bring up all relevant results with stock within a designated area.


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