A question I get asked on a regular basis and as soon as I attempt an explanation maybe 30 seconds into it, the person’s eyes glaze over and I get the “head nod” for the following 30 seconds or so until I’ve finished my explanation and I receive the usual “eyebrow raise” and “oh right”.

Maybe my definition needs polishing up or perhaps I need to get away from the computer screen a little more often, but I’m passionate about my subject and I do believe I can help any online business.

I am still amazed how many business owners believe that “if they build it, they will come” attitude. A website is not an automatic business getter once it’s online. Great products and/or services are simply not enough you MUST market your wares or services to have any sort of business success.

A good product or service is simply a customer retention tool, when we give great service or a great product, they’ll buy more from us and refer us to other people, however before customer retention we need to think about customer acquisition.

That’s where digital marketing comes in or more specifically that is the true benefit of Pay Per Click Marketing. In a nutshell, Pay Per Click is all about customer acquisition. Pay Per Click is designed to evoke an immediate response and compel prospective customers to take some specific action. These actions can be to purchase an item, opting for a mailing list or picking up the phone to inquire about a service.

Leave the adverts, ROI, ROAS, keywords, bidding strategy and all that goods stuff to the experts. Just set a marketing budget and a return on investment guide and leave the rest to us. Because if I told you for every £2 you spent on Pay per Click you will return £10, you would bite my hand off to get started. Now here’s the best part, you can see those type of returns.

Here is how it’s achieved.

Pay Per Click is Trackable
We will know which advert and which media was responsible for generating the response.

Pay Per Click is Measurable
Since we know which adverts are being responded to and how many sales we’ve received from each one, we can measure exactly how effective each ad is. We then drop or change the ads that are not offering a return on investment.

Pay Per Click is Targeted
looking for a specific market or niche? we can specify the location (down to the town), markets, and specific vertical for any Pay Per Click campaign. Making your budget stretch by targeting only your specific niches.

Your PPC marketing journey should consist of two question
1. Whats my starting Budget
2. What sort of return am I looking for?

We will spend the time getting to know the industry your in, you specific drives and pain point’s to ensure a well-run economic campaign. Pay Per Click Advertising can be a very deep topic with many facets. The good news is that’s why we are here. to help you implement PPC marketing within your business. You have no need to become an expert, just employ one!

If you would like to benefit from Pay Per Click Advertising, please get in touch.