Make your website standout with Video

Website video has shown to be an essential marketing tool for the savvy website designer. If your website developer or digital agency is not leveraging the potential of video, they are now behind the competition and unfortunately so are you.

When a customer lands on your website, they have no idea who you are or what you do. Now if your website is like the majority of sites out there – plain, vanilla, basic, safe or uninformed, you are just part of the herd and will struggle to stand out.

There is a method to fix this. A way to bring the customer closer to you. To get them to see your business in 3d, sometimes its a quick video shot of work being done on or off-site. In some cases, a video may be something that encapsulates “what you do” as a company. Am I sure you can guess the below video’s message?


Kitchen Design, Right.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the 30-second elevator pitch! Basically, if you were in an elevator (its a lift to me!) and you had 30 seconds to tell a stranger what you do business-wise, what would you say? (I cry with laughter when I think about this, at most networking events, where these are all the rage, I listened to a guys 30-second pitch and he was a “dream realiser”, and for the next 10 minutes I thought he analysed your dreams and nightmares, it turned out he was an accountant! fabulous, anyway back to the point….).

Rather than a 30-second elevator pitch, I like the idea of a 30-second website video that can offer your customers a better insight, the consumer can see who you are, they can feel you are genuine and that you know your stuff. Simply put, a video shows more of our passion, it helps the customer build a connection with you.

Think of the “storyboard” as the “pain point” you are trying to solve for the customer. A good website video is more about the customer and less about you. By the end of any video, you should know who’s website you are on, what the company feels like and more importantly, how the website and the company can help you “the consumer”.