Local Pay Per Click Advertising

Although Pay Per Click advertising is considered a present day undertaking, its infrastructure in direct response advertising, has been studied and polished for over one hundred years. The common principles to direct response marketing explore every basic fundamental in a successful PPC campaign.

Success is built on the foundation of our ability to persuade people to take action on a few well-chosen words. Such as an infographic, a right place, right time local advertisement, a well placed Youtube ad, Blog, Social Media post and so on…

Even though the above practice is one hundred years old, the technology it’s displayed on is very much state of the art. With that in mind let’s take a quick look at the mobile phone or smartphone as it is now referred to.

Today’s consumers are spending more than 5 hours a day on their mobile device. Mobile is no longer a technology it’s a behaviour! It offers the advertiser the opportunity to be highly relevant and can tap into behaviours in real time allowing you to reach the customer at the crucial moment that matters.

For example, a customer is taking a shopping trip in Chester, after a couple of hours the decide they would like a coffee. In the past, they would wander around and the “we’ll stop at the next one we see” conversation would take place.

The new generation will instantaneously reach for their phone and enter “local coffee”. A host of results will appear with the direction, locality and the smart advertiser’s will have a special offer to entice them in.

Interesting, right? Local searches are a hot topic within PPC Advertising bringing the customer back to the High-Street. Whatever your local service, being top of the search engine rankings at the correct time and place will only enhance your business reputation and revenue streams. If you’d like to know how this is possible please get in touch.

Ask yourself how many times a day you have heard or said: “Google it”? then ask yourself how visible is my company on Search Engines? Not searching for your company name, these customers already know about you, but searching for the products your company supply?

This is a very small snapshot of the services we can supply; we feel the understanding of “your” audience is the correct starting place for any campaign. Please take the opportunity to book an appointment with us and let’s see how we can help you? Book Now

Please check out my next blog on the same subject “bringing traffic back to the High Street” with the up and coming Local Google Shopping Ad’s, an exceptional new feature due to be launched by Google.