Are you choosing the right website design agency? We understand the “glamour” of web design with colours, images, widgets and banners. But let me tell you why Search Engine Optimisation trumps website design every time!

The first question to ask yourself, what’s the goal of your website? don’t lose the point in design, colour & images, etc. when the real goal should be around visits, visitor and conversions. If you hear the following from your website agency “We’ll design, and you provide the content!” or “copy the content over from your old site” just run for the door, as the same content, equals the same result.

I’ve seen the above happen far too often with redesigns. A website isn’t an online business card; it should be so much more. Let me put it to you another way, where would you like your flower (website) to reside? In the middle of an isolated forest (no visitors), or at Kew gardens, with 1.35 million visits a year? (Forgive me, I love an analogy).

Fast forward to 12 months with the same customer, how does the customer’s website list within Google? In usual cases, they list well for there “business name” but not the product or service they provide. Consequently, they have not seen any new business from there investment.

Back to the flower analogy, right?

Cards on the table time, we are an SEO first company. The assumption is that if you are practical about your customers wants and needs when designing a website you can’t be creative. You can, but not at the expense of functionality.

If you have already purchased a website or if you are thinking of a redesign or it’s your first foray into website design. Please keep the below statement clear in your mind at all times. Don’t fall into the trap of transferring content from an old brochure or for goodness sake don’t ever copy content from the web and publish as your own.

“Keywords my friends are the lifeblood of a good website and choosing yours is essential”. We are a boutique agency that lives up to its name. Froogle (okay frugal), are the words we live by in this business age. Let us show you how!

A great start it to go to out free website review tool, just enter your website domain name and hey presto, a full SEO 18-page report on your website. Click here to open.