Cheap pay per click advertising

Inexpensive PPC is not hard to achieve. As you know or may not know, Pay Per Click is based on paying for brief ads that are showcased across Google and social media. These ads can be structured with links, slogans and to promote your products and services. The key goal is to drive leads that can convert into revenue each time your ads or links are clicked. On average, Google Ads promises a 2 to 1 return on your initial investment. Yet, this can vary based on market scope, trends and how well or poor your ads are running across the web.

Costs per Clicks

Cost per click is the price you pay to Google when someone clicks on your ads. This is a crucial metric on determining how cheap pay per click advertising will be. While it’s essential to hire a leading SEO agency that specialises in PPC ads, it’s as important to watch these ads on your own. This includes the desired keywords to see how well or poor they are performing. But, there may be other brands bidding for the same long or short-tailed keywords you want to use for your online campaigns. This is why it’s crucial to have a seasoned PPC agency or specialist on your side.

To keep costs per clicks low, you have to stay within your allocated budget for ads. While you can increase your investments in the future, it is best to work with what you have to keep initial investments low. Here are some more ways to make a worthwhile and informed PPC investment.

Add long-tail keywords for cheap pay per click advertising

Long-tail keywords tend to have low search volumes. Yet, they do fall into the generic keywords category, which are known to attract higher bids. Still, they play a pivotal role in PPC campaigns since they are precise and concise across the board. This means they do not attract irrelevant search queries, which saves your money on ads. They also have higher quality scores which result in lower costs per clicks from your pocket.

Target Keywords with Low Bids

When launching a PPC campaign, target keywords with lower bids. In fact, you should research keywords that have lower costs per click overall. This depends on the industry you serve as well as how competitive it is. To lower CPC and overall PPC costs, avoid using highly competitive keywords. These keywords almost never deliver results since they are greatly in use by other brands and companies. You also need to switch your bidding from automatic to manual. This gives you more control over your ads, click volumes, medications and more.

Add Negative Keywords

Negative keywords also help lower overall PPC costs. Like long-tailed keywords, these keywords prevent your ads from being targeted by irrelevant search queries. Having a healthy PPC campaign is instrumental in creating leads, profits and revenue. These ad campaigns must also have industry-specific and relevant content across the board. This will attract users that are interested in the products and services you offer within your industries.

PPC is not that hard. If you have an additional 40 hours a week to create your keywords, do Pagespeed updates, Manage bids, Create ads, it is possible, besides the hundreds of other things needed to keep up the pace.

Alternatively, you can hire a PPC agency like Froogle Media to take care of it 100%. Learn the price of your PPC, and what you are paying for! Its hard work, not fairy dust. To make a start on your websites PPC please get in touch, we’ll be happy to help. Cheap Pay per Click advertising is only a click away.


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