Pay Per Click Management

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a form of internet marketing in which retailers pay a charge each time one of their ads is clicked. It’s a way of gaining visits to your site, rather than trying to “win” those clicks naturally or organically.

Cost Per Click

Each time our Ads are clicked, transferring a visitor to our website, we must pay the search engine a little charge. For example, if we pay 25p for a click, and the click returns a £300 sale, we’ve made a substantial profit.

Website Design

Our best website designs reflect confidence, optimism and success, and this comes from an understanding of your business. The correct design, colours, fonts, images and message can help convey your brand effectively.

Responsive Websites

We’ll ensure that our responsive website design will match your exclusive style. Making your website fresh, unique and contemporary and we will enhance the visitor experience by providing more sales or visits.

Search Engine Optimisation

High placement in search engines can drive exceptional growth for any business. Keywords and unique, high-quality descriptions are just a few techniques we use to guarantee the growth of organic online listings.

Organic Listings

Search Engine Optimisation is a longer-term strategy, and it requires a little more patience for the results to pay off. If you intend to grow your online business, this is an essential element of digital marketing.

It’s our job to make sure that your marketing is as cheap and effective as possible

Digital Marketing




Book a free appointment with us and we’ll spend time finding out which creative drives the most profit for your business! Making the simple complicated is commonplace; We make the complicated simple..

Welcome to Froogle Media Digital Marketing Services, where we work with you to turn your website from an online business card to a valuable revenue stream.

Our Google Certified Team are qualified to advise you on what your unique ‘Froogle Formula’ should be.

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Whether you’re looking for a simple brochure website or a fully featured e-commerce website, Froogle will ensure a responsive design, mobile friendliness and most of all a completely secure platform.

We pride ourselves on successfully helping our clients to know where their audience is on their online journey and choose the strategy that helps them to the next level. Whether it be via our Website Design, Pay Per Click Service, Social Media Management or Search Engine Optimisation services.

Froogle created our first and our second website. We truly had not got a clue the first time we sat down for a design meeting.

They explained that the visibility of a site is more important than design in the first instance….. A great bunch of guys, wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Mark Anderson , GHT Ltd

Our Proven Digital Marketing Formula Produces Results

4. SEO

The design of any commercial website has one purpose to assist the visitor to perform an action on your website. Whether that be a direct purchase, sign up form, booking or contact you directly. At Froogle we never loose sight of this objective.

Success with pay per click is simplicity itself, it’s not all algorithms. All we are trying to do is get your customers to take action with a few well-chosen words. Its all about writing great persuasive advertising and placing those ads in the correct place at the correct time.

Social Media is now a complex web of sites and software that allows you to tweet, vent, like, comment and then share with other people. With well over 2.46 billion users, it’s an immense marketplace. we’ll ensure you are are targeting the correct demographic to grow your brand.

Search Engine Optimisation is a longer-term strategy, it requires a little more patience and a consistent strategy for the result to pay off. If you intend to grow your online business this is an essential element of digital marketing. High placement in search engines can drive exceptional growth.

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